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History of the OKRO's WINES natural organic winery

OKRO’s WINES Organic Natural Winemaking

OKRO’s Wines organic winemaking has been started and established in 2004. Fully oriented on organic natual wine growing without any chemical treatments in the wineyards and wine making without any additives or chemicals during the vinification, using ancient Georgian clay vessels Qvevri, buried deep in the ground.

OKRO’s Wines also has it’s own organic gardens where we grow all the vegetables and fruits offered at our restaurant located in the old town of Signagi, Kakheti.


No chemical treatment in the vineyards


No chemicals or interaction during vinification


No additives or chemicals during the bottling


Vineyards with various Georgian endemic varieties are located at Signagi, Sagarejo and Akhmeta municipalities in Kakheti, also in Bagdati Municipality, Imereti.


Signagi climate is classified as warm and temperate and has a significant amount of rainfall during the year. There is moderately humid climate in Akhmeta. Iori Plateau at Sagarejo is moderately warm, transitive from steppe to moderately humid climate, with hot summers. Baghdati has humid subtropical climate.


There are mostly Sandstone, Riverstones also decomposed slate washed down from the Caucasus mountains occurred in Kakheti. Baghdati vineyards mostly have Limestones with brown clay soils.


OKRO's Winery has endemic Georgian vineyards with Rkatsiteli, Kakhetinian Green, Saperavi Budeshuri, Saperavi Classic varieties in Kakheti. Also Tsitka and Tsolikouri varieties in Imereti. SISTER's Wines produce only Kisi and Tavkveri varieties.


OKRO's WINES organic wines tasting pallets include Citrus, Berries, Dried fruits, balanced with acidity and tannins coming from the maceration in the so called Amber Wines. As well as freshness and light pallets in the non macerated wines from the imereti.


Winery is oriented to produce wines from own organically treated vineyards. Vinification and aging into the ancient Georgian vessel Qvevri.

Organic Natural Wines

Ancient wine areas in the Kakheti and Imereti region

OKRO’s Wines Winery is based in Signagi, Kakheti and oriented in natural organic winemaking in the Qvevri. We produce wine from our organically treated vineyards in Kakheti and Imereti.

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Mtsvane or Mtsvane Kakhuri is a grape variety used to make Georgian wines. It is

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This ancient vinifera originates in Georgia and is one of the oldest grape varieties.

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